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         So many people ask me "what's your dream?" My answer is, to spread the Chinese culture throughout the world .No matter how difficult it may be ,I'll try my best to carry it out.Because that's my dream.I think, dream is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for , worth dying for. We can not give up our dreams.When they are gone we may still exist,but we have ceased to live.

     When I was a child ,My mother taught me a lot of poems,especially of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty.I was deeply immersed the ocean of poems and lyrics , the world of the specific beautify in sense, in sound and in form . I was very proud of our long history and splendid culture. Since then, to spread the Chinese culture to the whole world has become my dream. But unfortunately, at that time, my English was very poor. It is no question that learning English is a must for a new generation entering the new century.After China's entry into the WTO, English has become more and more important. In other words,English skill has been a basic tool in our life. However, perhaps some of us may have forgotten that the very aim of learning other languages is for communication, for sharing.
     Some people say that the twenty-first century will be the century of the East, the century of China. China has clearly become a hot topic in the world today and will remain so in the future.  Then to spread the Chinese splendid culture throughout the world and tell people overseas all about us is a common wish of the Chinese people. However, when we diligently study the western culture,science, technology, journalism, business communications, international relations and so on ,when other country deeply admire China for its thousands of years of culture and religion, philosophy and the arts, maybe,some Chinese youth have forgotten about our own traditional culture, our own Qu Yuan ,Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, Du Fu,Li Qingzhao,Su Shi, and even the various schools of thought in pre-Qin period. Perhaps we have not realized that, while we have shed our tears for Jane Eyre ,people on the other side of the ocean are weeping over Lin Daiyu. while we have studied the standard edition works of Sigmund Frued, western scholars are immersed in the splendid ideology of our pre-Qin period about 2000 years ago. The various schools of thought were a prelude to the Chinese civilization .They contended with each other in discussing the relations between human and nature ,with a starting point to search for the value of life,an aim to seek the perfect individuality and a destination to take respective responsibilities to keep social harmony. It was just these splendid thoughts that constituted the main aspects of Chinese spirits and culture.

       As Bertrand Russell said, The Chinese may learn from the Europeans the indispensable minimum of practical efficiency ,and the Europeans may learn from the contemplative wisdom which has enabled them to persist while all the other nations of antiquity have perished. Martin luther king had a dream, and we can all recall his famous civil rights speech. And I think, we also have a common dream that one day the voice of China will be widely heard throughout the world!

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